Lending periods, reminder and fees


The lending period for books and journals is two weeks. During that time you can extend the lending period twice for two weeks each by yourself via your personal library account. Therefore, the lending period can be extended in total up to six weeks, if the medium is not preordered by anyone else.

Reference books may be borrowed for a maximum of one night or over the weekend. Lending this type of media is feasible during the last library opening hour of a day and it has to be returned within the first opening hour of the following morning.

In case media is not returned on time and the loan period got exceeded without prior notice to library staff, fees will apply.


Books and journals:


1.      Week            1€ / per book

2.      Week            +2€ / per book

3.      Week            +3€ / per book

4.      Week            +4€ + costs for new acquisition / per book


Presence books (red point on back of a book):


Per day                   3€ / per book


After 14 days          + costs for new acquisition / per book


The outstanding fees can only be paid in cash at all CBS Libraries.