Databases and portals


Access to the databases is only possible by clicking on the links below!

Thanks to our databases you have the possibility to access many different e-media on the internet. In addition to e-books, depending on the database you will find, among other things, trade journals, statistics, newspaper articles and market and company information. Access to databases requiring a license (marked by a yellow or blue symbol in front of the link) is only possible for students and members of CBS. If you want to access databases from outside the university network, you need an active VPN connection. On campus, your WLAN connection with kc-wifi-edu is sufficient to access our licensed e-books and databases.

Databases or portals with a green symbol in front are freely accessible and also offer scientific literature and data.  

How to set up the VPN connection can be found in the corresponding instructions under the tab Library / Documents.


The WISO database is now fully accessible again. If you notice any delays or gaps in the database, please let us know via We will report your comments to WISO so that the last problems can be solved. Thank you very much for your help!


Business Science


WISO (database)
EBSCO Business Source Complete (database)
EBSCO Regional Business News (database)
Statista (database) | Statistik-Portal zum Handel
SpringerLink (Ebooks from various disciplines, Vol. 2019+2020)
 APA PsycArticles (database)
Econbiz (Virtual Library)
Econstor (Open Access Server)
Emerald Fulltext Archive Database 1994 - 2016 (database)
Elsevier Journal Backfiles on ScienceDirect 1907 - 2002 (interdisziplinary database)
Palgrave Economics and Finance E-Book-Collection 2000 - 2013 (via Springer)
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (search engine for Open Access Server)
Merger cases (link)
 De Gruyter eJournals collection - 2016 (database)

 Beck eLibrary ( 

 Genesis-Online - Statistisches Bundesamt (portal)


Special Links

Law / Business Law juris. Wissen, das für Sie arbeitet. | juris (portal) Gesetze im Internet [National German Law] - (portal) Eur- Lex [ EU Law, Contracts, EU Documents) - (portal) N- Lex [National Law, EU-Contries] - (portal)

 Nomos eLibrary ( (Datenbank/Portal)  

Business Arithmetics Wiwi Online (formulary statistics, business science, economics) Mathod (excercises math, statistics with solution material)


Economics WISO (database) EBSCO Business Source Complete (Datenbank) EBSCO eBook Collection (database) Statista (database) | Statistik-Portal zum Handel
SpringerLink (Ebooks from various disciplines, Vol. 2019+2020) Econbiz  (virtual library) Econpapers (open access server) Wiwi Online (formulary economics) World Bank E-Library / Archive (database)

 Genesis-Online - Statistisches Bundesamt (portal) 

Special Links

Finance / Banking Data Europa EU (database)

Foreign Trade Außenhandelsdatenbank (database) International Monetary Fund (link) International Household Survey Network (link)

Economic Geography Human Development Reports (link) Worldbank (link)

European Union ARCHISplus (database) Eur- Lex (portal)


Social Sciences / Cultural Studies WISO (database)
 APA PsycArticles (database)
SpringerLink (Ebooks from various disciplines, Vol. 2019+2020) SSRN Social Science Research Network (link) SSOAR Social Science Open Access Repository (open access server) World Bank E-Library  (database) BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (open access server) CESSDA : Council of European Social Science Data Archives (link) Sage Journals 1879-2008 (interdisziplinary database) Elsevier Journal Backfiles on ScienceDirect 1907 - 2002 (interdisziplinary database) SWIID The standardized World Income Inequality Database (statistics database) International Household Survey Network - Statistical Data Developing Countries (link)


Media Sage Journals 1879-2008 (interdisziplinary database) Mediendatenbank (database) Media Desk (link) Filmförderungsanstalt (link)
 EBSCOhost Login (Datenbank) Nomos eLibrary 2017 (database)


Tourism World Travel and Tourism Council (link) Pacific Asia Travel Commission (PATA) (link) European Travel Commission (ETC) (link) Eurostat (link) Tourism Review (link) Emerald Fulltext Archive Database 1994 - 2014 (database)

Special Links

Sustainability Sustainable Tourism (link) The International Ecotourism Society (link) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismuswissenschaft (link) Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus (link)

Australia Ecotourism Australia (link)


Asian Studies / Latin America

Latin America Worldbank (link)

Asian Studies Cross Asia (virtual library) Chinese Studies Online - a directory of Electronic Resources (link) DACHS - Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (link) Worldbank (link)


Psychology / Business Psychology

 APA PsycArticles (database)
SpringerLink (Ebooks from various disciplines, Vol. 2019+2020) Lexikon der Psychologie (link) Elsevier Journal Backfiles on Science Direct 1907-2002 (database) PubPsych (link) SSOAR (social science open access repository) Statista (database)




In addition to books, journals are a good alternative on scientific literature. The CBS library offers you a selection of journals. Some of them can be found digitally in our databases, among other choices, while others can be found physically in the library for you to borrow.

Under the tab Documents you can find an overview of our journals. The overview also shows you where to access journals and for which areas of subject they are of interest.

If you want to find out which journals are available in your local library, simply choose the tab "Mediengruppe ist gleich Zeitschriften" in our online catalogue and start the search.


Next to journals licensed by CBS Libraries, the website vhbonline presents an overview of most relevant journals for different subject areas. Please keep in mind that CBS only has access to a limited number of journals mentioned on that website.